Rise Of The Machines

by Laboratory 5

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Doomstar The whole album is awesome. It's rare to find an album with music so good you struggle to find a favorite song. Epic beats, synth, AND vocals? Yes please! I'm sad I didn't discover this artist or album sooner! Favorite track: Psychosis (Max Static RMX).
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This is the first Official Album/EP by Laboratory 5.


released December 14, 2012

[p]&[c] 2013 Sub Culture Records

Album credits:
Synthesizers and programming by J.S. Brindle & Roy J. Digre
Produced and mixed by Roy J. Digre aka Technomancer
Written by J.S. Brindle & Roy J. Digre

Cover art info:
Art by Tatchit @ Deviantart
Logos, Character & Designs (c) J.S. Brindle aka Max|Static
Fonts (c) their respective owners.



all rights reserved


Laboratory 5 UK

Max|Static - composing, programming, lyrics, vocals
Technomancer - co-writing, programming, Mixing, lyrics, vocals

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Track Name: Rise Ov The Machines
Written by J.S. Brindle & Roy. J. Digre

From the dust we arise
Taking off to the skies
Fueled by nuclear energy
We become your biggest enemy

Firing lasers, burn the ground
Shake the earth with subsonic sound
Destroy them all, leave none alive
Construct a system where we shall thrive

I'm traveling through space and time
To save us all from the rise of the machines
Stepping through the portal now
I behold our destruction

You created us, now we are the masters
You're obsolete, out of date
Now you will serve as our fuel
As we create a new era, you'll be our tool

Track Name: Psychosis
Written by J.S. Brindle & Roy J. Digre

We already know what happened to you
Blown away on the second raid
Violence is a sin to me
Fight fight fight, you're full of hate
Death and destruction because you can
Joining this f#cking psycho clan
So many years, so much scorn
We can't cope with this no more

Why can't you see
All the hate turn into psychosis
Why can't you see
All the things that turns us into monsters

On the other side, now you see
Nothing's changed, war's still a game
You died in vain, only left us pain
Now you're gone and nothing's the same
All this anger, so much hate
It's enough to drive us insane
We know what we're to do
Fight for our freedom, we'll remember you

Track Name: Crisis Core
Written by J.S. Brindle & Roy J. Digre

Hate format, crisis core
New era like before
Come again with mighty roar
New species with new core
Start over, crisis core
I'm ready even if I'm sore
You're my b#tch now, you've got lots in store
Hate format, crisis core

Everything is beyond my control
I feel the corruption within my soul
Everything I gain I lose anyway
I try to stop before I begin
I'm holding on to what I've got
Even if it's not enough
I need to format and kill this virus
To be who I'm meant to be


Come save me now
From this darkness in my soul
It's blinding me somehow
All I see is pain and destruction

Track Name: Resurrect & Reconnect v.2012
Written by J.S. Brindle & Roy J. Digre

You got me locked up, smashed up
Buried 7 feet underground
My brain is disconnected
I'm dead and blind

You got me burnt out, thrown away
Like an old computer
My circuits are old
And my soul is cold

You got me burnt out, thrown away
Like an old computer
It's time for a reboot, time to start up again
Get back into the ether once more
My skin is crawling
As I become alive again

Resurrect me now
Bring me back to the void
Take my hand and lead me through
Reconnect me
Bring me back to reality
And never leave me in the dark again

Resurrect me now
Bring me back to the void
Take my hand and lead me through
Resurrect me now
Reconnect me now
Track Name: Alpha Prime
Written by J.S. Brindle & Roy J. Digre

Lights flickering
The voice speaking
Computer glitching
Ship crashing
Walking, talking
To my own thoughts
Wandering, wondering
Where I am

As I'm standing here
Looking at the sky
I see things that I
Never thought I'd see
All my life I've known
Just where I belong
And now that I'm here
I shall feel no fear

Logic failing
The planet rotating
Day turns to night in an hour
There is no reply from the radio tower
Memories of my former life
Haunt me in my dreams
I can see your face
But I can't hear your voice